Staff Spotlight: Abby Villarrubia

At the Children’s Dental Center of New Orleans, we like to find out why our amazing team members love doing what they do. We asked Abby Villarrubia, one of your favorite Dental Hygienists, what’s her favorite part of working in pediatric dentistry.

“The kids!” she exclaimed.

“This is what I wanted to do when I was in school. I always said that whenever I became a registered hygienist that there was no other doctor I wanted to work with more than
Dr. Cavallino. She did a lecture in my class and when she was leaving I grabbed her, introduced myself and let her know I dropped my resume off. She didn’t have a hygenist at the time and so she called me back for an interview and I’ve been here since!”

Abby is known for her exceptional hygienist skills which she continues to develop within our offices, but she also has an amazing way of connecting with patients and making them feel right at home – even in the dentist chair!

“I’ve worked with adults before but its like they say – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; it just goes in one ear and out the other!” she explained when asked about why she chose to work in pediatrics rather than with adults.

“With kids, they want to make you proud so most of the time they say things like ‘I’ve been brushing the front better because you said to!’ And that does make me really proud – every single time.”

Abby has been a member of our team for 2 years now, and we are looking forward to many more years of her inspiring beautiful smiles!

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