5 Neat Secrets to a Tooth-Friendly Easter


Did you know that the average child consumes 5.5 pounds of chocolate during the Easter Holidays? From a dental standpoint, that’s way too much sugar for your child’s little teeth – especially in such a short period of time – and can lead to tooth decay and cavities faster than you can say, “The Easter Bunny is here!”

So what can you do? How can you limit your child’s massive candy consumption while avoiding the screaming and crying that often comes when your child feels “their candy” is being kept from them. Here are 5 easy secrets that you can try:

Secret #1 – Get rid of the huge bunny centerpiece. Instead of making a huge chocolate bunny the centerpiece of your Easter Basket, replace it with a stuffed bunny or a really meaningful toy that your child will be super excited about.

Secret #2 – Add other presents to the Easter Basket. Reduce the amount of candy in the Easter Basket by mixing the sweet treats with toys and games that will capture your child’s attention. There’s still candy there, just not the same amounts.

Secret #3 – Buy more sugar-free candy. There are many candy products on the market now that kids absolutely love, but don’t contain sugar. Drop plenty of these in the Easter Basket because your child can eat them without you worrying so much.

Secret #4 – Make candy an after-dinner treat. Freeze your leftover Easter Candy and make a game out of giving your child a piece or two after they finish cleaning their plate. You can say, “It’s a game to make Easter last longer!” and it’s true.

Secret #5 – Give out some homemade coupons. This is especially great for older kids. They can redeem them for awards, privileges, and freedom from chores like choosing what to have for dinner…not having to make their bed for a week…etc.

See, it’s easy to protect your child’s teeth during Easter time and still make the Holidays as enjoyable as possible for your child…and for you. Even better, you’re establishing family traditions you can use every single year. How neat is that!

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